Certified FlowLIFT Teachers

Clara Youngblood

As a trained dancer, Clara uses her graceful style of Ballet techniques, Gymnastics and several styles of Yoga to support her teachings of FlowLIFT. She fell in love with the FlowLIFT style when she took one class and saw the drastic effects it had on her mind and body.

Leah Rogitz

FlowLIFT has completely changed Leah’s body and has made her feel stronger and more aware in everything else she does. As a yoga teacher, FlowLIFT has shown her new ways to connect with her core and increase her overall strength.

Charlotte Mack

Charlotte is passionate about yoga and FlowLIFT and about bringing the mind body benefits of both practices into everyone’s lives. Look forward to a fun, strength and flexibility building workout in all of her classes!

Bri Gallo

Bri is a natural teacher. She is always looking to step out of the familiar and loves helping others do the same. She believes that life is about strength and balance.  Pushing the limits but knowing when to bring it back in, embracing the moments that come your way. 

Julia Peck

Julia’s FlowLIFT classes are slower-paced with easier transitions, but still pack that same punch!  Her class is especially great for women who want to build and maintain bone density while developing strength all over, especially the core.

Pauline Villanueva

Pauline began practicing vinyasa and ashtanga yoga regularly and received her vinyasa yoga teacher certification in 2016. The following year, Pauline began attending FlowLIFT classes and, to her surprise, learned she actually could enjoy getting her butt kicked by a good workout, thanks to the creative sequences and fun playlists.