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Want to teach the hottest class in town? FlowLIFT is an innovative workout that turns you into a strong, lean machine. Get certified and start teaching while getting a killer body! In just one day you’ll learn this fun and effective workout your students will love. Challenge yourself in a whole new way with influences from yoga, pilates, and weight lifting.  FlowLIFT sets itself apart from other sculpt classes by using light ankle and hand weights.  Students move through fun flows packed with lunges, squats, and creative combination moves that target the abs, booty, arms and legs simultaneously. A high-octane mix of hip-hop and dance music fuels the class through a 45-minute session that leaves students drenched in sweat and sore in all the right places.  Apply below!

2019 FlowLIFT Teacher Trainings

FlowLIFT Teacher Trainings consist of:

  • 8 contact hours in one day
  • 3 cueing hours assisting FlowLIFT teachers in group classes
  • 3 practice teaching classes

(cueing and practice teaching can be done online or at your local studio)

Certifications at Buddhi Yoga:

January 19th and March 2 with FlowLIFT founders Carolina Vivas & Amanda McCarroll

Certification at Momentum Training Center:

February 2nd with Master Trainer Kate Moynihan

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We would like to get to know you more. Please fill out the application below. By submitting this form you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions on our website. FlowLIFT Fitness is a registered trademark and should you complete the certification process and maintain your yearly registration, you will be licensing the FlowLIFT name and format of the class for the purpose of teaching group classes (you will be required to sign a licensing agreement).