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FlowLIFT is an innovative workout using light ankle and hand weights. You’ll be challenged in a whole new way with cardio drills, fun combination moves, and influences from yoga, pilates, and weight training. Get lean, improve balance, develop core strength, and develop mental sharpness. Classes are 45-minutes with a brief cool-down and final relaxation. 

The philosophy behind FlowLIFT is that exercise should be fun and engaging on all levels.  We all know the importance of resistance training, but going to the gym can often feel mindless and repetitive.  In FlowLIFT classes students must be completely present in order to properly execute the complex movement combinations.  Requiring total focus and concentration, there is no space for thoughts or distractions from the outside world. Co-founders Carolina and Amanda designed FlowLIFT  to flow smoothly like a vinyasa class with seamless transitions.   While the structure of the class is consistent, the moves are always changing so students don’t plateau and see immediate changes in their bodies.  The pace of the class is up to each student, but everyone is encouraged to keep moving for the entire 45 minutes to improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness.  The mind always gives up sooner than the body needs to, so this notion of perseverance strengthens not just the physical body, but also increases what many athletes refer to as “mental toughness.”  This gradual and inevitable development of power on all levels is what makes FlowLIFT much more than just another new fitness trend.  


Benefits of the FlowLIFT Class

  • Increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat
  • Boost metabolism to burn more calories
  • Build upper body and core strength
  • Improve overall sports performance
  • Increase endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve balance, agility, and mental focus

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Carolina FlowLift Fitness

Carolina Vivas


Carolina has always been passionate about fitness. Since she was a child she’s loved exploring various types of movement practices. She started with gymnastics and karate, and later turned to running, gym workouts, and eventually yoga. To cut out the gym and combine resistance training and yoga, she and her business partner Amanda created FlowLIFT. Carolina brings fifteen yeas of experience in vinyasa yoga to the FlowLIFT classes. Her knowledge of sequencing and body mechanics make her class design seamless and challenging. Carolina is co-owner of Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla, California and yourBuddhi.com, a site for online yoga.

Amanda FlowLift Fitness

Amanda McCarroll


After graduating with a BS in Psychology from Michigan State University in 1999, Amanda moved to California and began practicing Vinyasa Yoga. She became certified to teach in 2001 and is an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. She went on to receive her HHP in bodywork and Thai Massage Therapy in 2008. Her teaching style reflects what she has learned and experienced from both her yoga and bodywork influences. Looking for a new creative outlet as well as feeling the need for a more perfect workout, she created the FlowLIFT class with her longtime business partner Carolina Vivas. Together they own yourbuddhi.com, an online yoga membership site and Buddhi Yoga, their award-winning yoga studio in La Jolla, CA.