UpLIFT Monthly Instructor Support

Full length classes

Get access to new Master Classes every Monday with Carolina and Amanda.

Monthly Choreo

Keep your students happy with fresh new moves to keep them sore in all the right places.

Feel Confident Faster

Ongoing support improves your skills and keeps you inspired to become a badass teacher.

Stay on Top

Practicing master classes with the creators of FlowLIFT will make you stronger than you’ve ever been.

Registered FlowLIFT teachers are eligible to sign up for the UpLIFT Monthly Support Membership.

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Your education doesn’t end after the FlowLIFT training. As an UpLIFT Member, you’ll enjoy ongoing class support and tools to help you become the best instructor possible. Get access to two full length class videos, written class choreography and kick-ass playlists. Planning a solid FlowLIFT workout takes a lot of time and effort. Leave it up to us to research new moves, come up with creative sequencing, and design great classes from start to finish. We spend countless hours every week searching high and low for effective and fun moves that people love. Use the videos as inspiration for your own creations or use the class print-outs to make teaching easier. As an upLIFT member you’ll also get FREE access to thee regular student membership with an additional 4 classes a month — That’s 6 classes total every month.

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