Find a FlowLift Certified Teacher

Yasmin Springer

Yasmin strives to create a class environment where students feel comfortable, challenge themselves and  have fun. She loves FlowLIFT because it’s such an amazing workout and has been the perfect compliment to her yoga practice.  She feels stronger,  with increased stamina.

Lexi Rodriguez

Lexi Rodriguez is originally from Tucson, Arizona and has been in San Diego for 3 years. She is so stoked to add FlowLIFT to her schedule and can’t wait to get started incorporating this amazing workout into her programs. 

Any Swagerty

After having my second son and battling post-partum depression, I knew I needed to do something to relieve stress and have some pure fun. A friend introduced me to FlowLIFT and it changed my life. Eleven months later I became a certified FlowLIFT instructor.

Danielle Wolcott

Danielle holds a degree in Health Science and is passionate about yoga and helping people achieve their fitness goals while creating a mindful and healthy lifestyle. She loves the high energy and creative movement of FlowLIFT workouts. 

Kat Cowling

Kat is Brazilian and she’s passionate about health and fitness. She’s always loved high energy classes and has a degree in nutrition. She loves Pilates for the core work and enjoyed watching her body get stronger. Booty Barre was also great, but nothing compares to FlowLIFT because it rolled up all her favorite things into one.