Certified FlowLIFT Teachers

Danielle Wolcott

Danielle holds a degree in Health Science and is passionate about yoga and helping people achieve their fitness goals while creating a mindful and healthy lifestyle. She loves the high energy and creative movement of FlowLIFT workouts. 

Vera Ross

As a personal trainer and health coach, Vera’s mission is to help others create happier, healthier lives through fitness and nutrition. 

Katya Ayala

Katya loves to encourage her students to work hard and make them feel alive!  In addition to teaching FlowLIFT, Katya also teaches yoga and Barre. She can’t wait to keep sharing this powerful form of movement with her community in Mexico.

Kat Cowling

Kat is Brazilian and she’s passionate about health and fitness. She’s always loved high energy classes and has a degree in nutrition. She loves Pilates for the core work and enjoyed watching her body get stronger. Booty Barre was also great, but nothing compares to FlowLIFT because it rolled up all her favorite things into one.

Anna Mischel

After taking her first FlowLIFT class in 2018, Anna was hooked! The combination of a steady-paced full body work-out along with killer tunes makes FlowLIFT the perfect class.

Ana Sofia Maldonado

Ana Sofia is certified in Barre, Pilates and now FlowLIFT. Expect to sweat like never before, have fun, sing along and tone your body in her class. Her energetic and positive energy will make you smile and leave you feeling like a superhero.

Allie Dudash

Allie works to encourage those in her life to have an active, healthy lifestyle while emphasizing the importance of having a connection to nature and being mindful of our living planet. 

Britt Thomas

Britt hopes to help people obtain long-term wellness goals by connecting to the deepest layers of themselves through movement and awareness.