Find a FlowLift Certified Teacher

Coree Costa

Coree is most impressed with the maturation of her athletic stamina due to the demands of the FlowLIFT class.  She’s able to bring that determination into other realms of life and it’s truly revolutionary. The attention we give our bodies through breath is a key component to success in FlowLIFT.

Jenny Lampe

FlowLIFT has changed the way that Jenny exercises, and she hopes to help others find joy in working out again. The moves are always changing, so you’ll never get bored with FlowLIFT.

Nicole Bruno

Nicole has always had a strong passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She was a cheerleader for ten years and enjoys choreographing and trying new challenges that benefit the mind and body. Her goal as a FlowLIFT instructor is to empower her students with killer classes.

LaShuan Bethea

LaShuan completed her FlowLIFT certification in May 2018.  She fell in love with the combination of weight & strength training with a vinyasa-like flow. LaShuan does private and small group yoga and FlowLIFT classes in Baltimore, Maryland.

Elizabeth Epstein

For Elizabeth, FlowLIFT is a daily dose of preventative medicine. As a physician, Heart-Healthy Cookbook author, and FlowLIFT instructor, she is committed to practicing what she preaches and being an example of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Lorena Martinez Garza

In the summer of 2018 she took her first FlowLIFT class and loved it. As a FlowLIFT instructor, she loves to teach a challenging class that is approachable for everyone. FlowLIFT helps you become aware of your body and gives you an intense and fun workout with a creative spin.

Amber Phipps

Amber has found her calling teaching Vinyasa Flow, Breath work, and leading international yoga/surf retreats.  She is now excited about the next part of her journey being a certified FlowLIFT teacher at Buddhi Yoga.

Ana Cecilia Martinez

Ceci is a passionate dancer. She’s been practicing ballet for more than 20 years. She teaches low impact workout by using music as a powerful motivational tool. FlowLIFT will always surprise students with new moves, making it fun and loving.