Certified FlowLIFT Teachers

Pauline Villanueva

Pauline began practicing vinyasa and ashtanga yoga regularly and received her vinyasa yoga teacher certification in 2016. The following year, Pauline began attending FlowLIFT classes and, to her surprise, learned she actually could enjoy getting her butt kicked by a good workout, thanks to the creative sequences and fun playlists.

Jenny Lampe

FlowLIFT has changed the way that Jenny exercises, and she hopes to help others find joy in working out again. The moves are always changing, so you’ll never get bored with FlowLIFT.

Elizabeth Epstein

For Elizabeth, FlowLIFT is a daily dose of preventative medicine. As a physician, Heart-Healthy Cookbook author, and FlowLIFT instructor, she is committed to practicing what she preaches and being an example of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Diane Klotz

Diane took her first FlowLIFT class and immediately knew she wanted to learn more about it and signed up for the first certification she could fit into her schedule. Diane is excited to be able to bring everything she loves about exercise together in one class, and to share this amazing and fun workout with others.

Any Swagerty

After having my second son and battling post-partum depression, I knew I needed to do something to relieve stress and have some pure fun. A friend introduced me to FlowLIFT and it changed my life. Eleven months later I became a certified FlowLIFT instructor.

Danielle Wolcott

Danielle holds a degree in Health Science and is passionate about yoga and helping people achieve their fitness goals while creating a mindful and healthy lifestyle. She loves the high energy and creative movement of FlowLIFT workouts.