Julia Peck


La Jolla





About Julia Peck

Julia is excited to join the FlowLIFT teaching team!  After a four-year adventure in China where she was teaching at the popular Y+ Yoga Center in Shanghai, she returned to La Jolla and began teaching Slow Flow at Buddhi Yoga. A long-time resident of La Jolla and student of Carolina and Amanda, Julia has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. “Yoga is for everyone!” is her motto and her classes reflect the respect she has for each student’s unique body mechanics.  When Carolina and Amanda created FlowLIFT she loved it and was inspired to create a version that is more accessible for older students and beginners.  Her FlowLIFT classes are slower-paced with easier transitions, but still pack that same punch!  Her class is especially great for women who want to build and maintain bone density while developing strength all over, especially the core.

Find Julia subbing FlowLIFT classes at Buddhi Yoga