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Yoga Sculpt Online Classes
Use Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow

When you attend a FlowLIFT class in person or online, you will see that the teacher is always facing the same way as the students, demonstrating the entire time.  The view of the teacher is from behind so that you can copy exactly what they are doing.  Occasionally we get students commenting on the lack […]

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Magdalena Patterson FlowLIFT Extraordinaire

Magdalena is a mom, yoga teacher, FlowLIFT instructor, wife, workout junky and stylish hottie all rolled up into one.  She’s been Teaching FlowLIFT since the beginning and as a master instructor she’s now certifying yoga with weights students in La Jolla, California.  We recently sent her a long list of questions so you can also […]

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UpLIFT Instructor Support
Beginner FlowLIFT Classes

Beginner FlowLIFT Classes The Most Effective Workout You'll Ever Do Welcome to FlowLIFT!  This is one of the hardest and most effective workouts you will ever do.  It's got everything you need to see big changes in how you look and feel.  FlowLIFT has it all: cardio, strength training, flexibility, agility, and moves that improve...

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