workout music
The Psychology of Workout Music

Good Workout Music Helps You Train Harder Music is an essential part of exercise, enhancing peak performance and contributing to having a satisfying workout. In the last 10 years there has been a substantial amount of research done on the importance of workout music. It’s become clear that music changes both the body and mind […]

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verbal cues
Cues for Good Alignment

Common FlowLift Cues to Get the Most Out of Classes FlowLift students have constant visual cues because the teacher is in the front of the room demonstrating the entire class. Many of the moves are intricate and multifaceted, making it difficult to explain them with just words. However, additional direction is needed to make sure […]

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FlowLift Workout
Turn Yourself Into a Fat Burning Machine with the FlowLift Workout

Why FlowLift Works The philosophy behind the FlowLift workout is that exercise should be fun and engaging on all levels. Coming from a yoga background, Carolina and Amanda designed these classes to flow smoothly with seamless transitions. This has a calming effect on the mind, despite the physical challenge. Students must be completely present in […]

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