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Yoga Fitness
Five FlowLIFT Moves For Yoga Fitness
Five FlowLIFT Moves for Yoga Fitness The FlowLIFT class has several different types of yoga fitness moves including squats, lunges, planks and floor moves.  All of them are full body and require all over strength and coordination to execute.  We make sure to only include movements that take the body through all three planes - [...]
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yoga strength workout
The Best Yoga Strength Workout for Weight Loss

What Exactly Is a Yoga Strength Workout? Don’t you get a workout in all regular yoga class? and do I really need to do more than yoga to burn fat, lean out and be ready for summer? A yoga strength workout can come in many shapes and sizes, with the yoga sculpt class as the […]

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yoga with weights
Yoga Workouts That Sculpt with Weights

Did you know that yoga can be both soothing and invigorating? Some classes are made to relax the nervous system (yin or restorative), while others like ashtanga and vinyasa challenge the physical body and increases cardiovascular fitness. And then there’s our yoga with weights workout, FlowLIFT. We created a yoga workout that sculpts the body […]

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