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Pegah Ghamary at Buddhi Yoga La Jolla
Five Reasons Why FlowLIFT is the Supreme Fusion Yoga Workout

Everyone else is doing it.  It’s no secret that fusion yoga workouts have HIIT the market like a ton of bricks over the last few years.  We’ve seen everyone from Shiva Rae, Sadie Nardini, Core Power, and even kundalini teachers jumping on the fitness bandwagon. America is obsessed with fitness and what better way to […]

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pilates yoga fusion
Switch Up Your Workout With Our Pilates Yoga Fusion

Get The Best of Both Worlds FlowLIFT was born in our yoga studio Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla, but this pilates yoga fusion workout is definitely not yoga. The format of the class was taken from the way a sun salute flows: Standing into a forward fold, moving through a vinyasa into down dog and […]

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Yoga Sculpt
Five Yoga Moves that Sculpt your Body
FlowLIFT creators Carolina and Amanda have been teaching yoga since 2001.  When they were developing their version of yoga sculpt, they wanted to incorporate the best body sculpting yoga postures. They chose poses based on their ability to build strength while improving range of motion in the joints.  FlowLIFT moves are in a league of [...]
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