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full body moves

Get Ready to Do These Magical Full Body Moves with Eryn! The best thing about FlowLIFT is that every single move is a full body move.  Work your arms, booty, legs and core simultaneously every time.  Forget about working out different body parts separately.  These 3 moves will leave you sore in all the right […]


FlowLIFT has all the elements of the perfect workout.  The combination of cardio, strength training, joint mobility, and core integration give you everything you need in one class.  When Dr. Elizabeth Epstein started taking FlowLIFT, she loved it so much she took the training and became an instructor. Currently in internal medicine, she will soon […]

Eryn teacher of the month

If you’ve never taken FlowLIFT with Eryn, you’re in for a treat!  Her high energy and positive attitude makes every class feel like a fun party with all your friends. Since she’s our teacher of the month, we’ve uploaded a new FlowLIFT class online so you can try it. Watch Eryn’s video interview above and find […]

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Get in the best shape of your life! FlowLIFT has it all – cardio, strength training, and moves that work your brain in every 25 and 45-minute class.

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