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Beginner FlowLIFT Classes
Beginner FlowLIFT Classes

Beginner FlowLIFT Classes Welcome to FlowLIFT!  This is one of the hardest and most effective workouts you will ever do.  If you've never taken this class before, the beginner classes are the best place to start.  Learn how to move your body in a completely new way.  Once you're comfortable with all of the videos...

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Kate Moynihan is Our Teacher of the Month

She’s a hustler and we love her! Kate was one of the first teachers we certified in San Diego and she made the class popular in North County faster than you can say “addicted to FlowLIFT.”  Her classes were packed from the very beginning and we couldn’t stop hearing about how amazing she is.  After […]

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Yoga Fitness
Four Classes at A Time is All You Need!

So why do we only put up four classes at a time?  Well, there is a method to everything we do over here at FlowLIFT Fitness.  One part of our yoga fitness method is that you don’t need a library of options to choose from.  Thinking that you need more options is really just another […]

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Get Lifted!

We’ve got moves! Full body multi-planar goodness.