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yoga sculpt with weights
What Is Yoga Sculpt with Weights

When we created FlowLIFT in 2016 we wanted a workout that was different from all the other yoga sculpt with weights classes. We noticed that other yoga sculpt classes use heavy weights and no one was using ankle weights.  Flowing as smoothly as a vinyasa yoga class was also really important to us.  All the […]

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yoga sculpt workout
7 Yoga Sculpt Workout Secrets

We want you let you in on the secret.  It’s time to workout smarter, so let’s upgrade your yoga sculpt workout routine!  The days of going to the gym and bouncing around from machine to machine for isolated movements are over.  You’re ready for functional fitness with multi-planar moves that reshape your entire body.  Want […]

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high kick sculpt
The Only Booty Lift Yoga Sculpt Sequence You’ll Ever Need

It’s More Than a Nice Booty with this Yoga Sculpt Sequence Keeping your glute muscles toned and sculpted is about more than just looks.  Sure it’s nice to have a nice booty, but you’ll be surprised at all the other benefits of this yoga sculpt sequence!  Doing squats, lunges, side planks and all kinds of leg […]

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