Any Swagerty





About Any Swagerty

After having my second son and battling post-partum depression, I knew I needed to do something to relieve stress and have some pure fun. A friend introduced me to FlowLIFT and it changed my life. Eleven months later I became a certified FlowLIFT instructor. Now that I feel better, stronger and healthier than ever before, my goal is to share my newfound love for fitness and FlowLIFT with others. When my boys are in school full-time, I aspire to become a certified yoga instructor and share my love of yoga with everyone. Until then, I will be working out smarter-not-harder.  I love to find presence on my mat and get out of my thoughts.  When I’m sweating to the beat of the best music, I know I’m becoming the best version of myself that I can be.  Join me and let’s have fun working out!

Stay tuned for classes with Any in San Diego.