Certified FlowLIFT Teachers

Carolina Vivas

Carolina has always been passionate about fitness. To cut out the gym time and combine resistance training and yoga, she and her business partner Amanda created FlowLIFT.

Lorena Martinez Garza

In the summer of 2018 she took her first FlowLIFT class and loved it. As a FlowLIFT instructor, she loves to teach a challenging class that is approachable for everyone. FlowLIFT helps you become aware of your body and gives you an intense and fun workout with a creative spin.

Amanda McCarroll

Amanda’s teaching style reflects what she has learned and experienced from both her yoga and bodywork influences. Looking for a new creative outlet as well as feeling the need for a more perfect workout, she created the FlowLIFT class with her longtime business partner Carolina Vivas.

Eryn Schnitzler

Eryn has always had a passion for health and fitness. Now, as a busy Mother of two, she looks to FlowLIFT as a quick way to challenge her body & mind all in one 45min class.

Magdalena Patterson

Always an athlete and avid yogi, Magdalena loves FlowLIFT because it combines the best of both worlds. FlowLIFT was a natural fit for Mags, drawing on her teaching experience, love of high energy workouts and knowledge of the human body.

Kristi Broughton

Kristi is a mom of two young boys and she loves everything about FlowLIFT. It’s fun, effective, quick and it challenges your brain like no other.