Find a FlowLift Certified Teacher

Carolina Vivas

Carolina has always been passionate about fitness. To cut out the gym time and combine resistance training and yoga, she and her business partner Amanda created FlowLIFT.

Amanda McCarroll

Amanda’s teaching style reflects what she has learned and experienced from both her yoga and bodywork influences. Looking for a new creative outlet as well as feeling the need for a more perfect workout, she created the FlowLIFT class with her longtime business partner Carolina Vivas.

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie found Buddhi Yoga when she moved to California in 2016 and became a Registered Yoga Teacher shortly after. It wasn’t long before she discovered that FlowLIFT married her love for high endurance exercise and yoga.

Natasha Oxe

Natasha found FlowLIFT at Buddhi Yoga and fell in love with the class. She’s so excited to be teaching it. She noticed that doing the class three times a week has made her look better than ever before. She hopes to share this newfound strength and confidence with others through her classes.

Magdalena Patterson

Always an athlete and avid yogi, Magdalena loves FlowLIFT because it combines the best of both worlds. FlowLIFT was a natural fit for Mags, drawing on her teaching experience, love of high energy workouts and knowledge of the human body.

Leah Vacher

FlowLIFT has completely changed Leah’s body and has made her feel stronger and more aware in everything else she does. As a yoga teacher, FlowLIFT has shown her new ways to connect with her core and increase her overall strength.

Debbie Samuel

Debbie Samuel is a dedicated Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Holistic Health Practitioner with more than 25 years of experience.  Yoga and FlowLIFT changed her perspective and showed her a new way of training.  

Julia Peck

Julia’s FlowLIFT classes are slower-paced with easier transitions, but still pack that same punch!  Her class is especially great for women who want to build and maintain bone density while developing strength all over, especially the core.