Kat Cowling


La Jolla





About Kat Cowling

Kat is Brazilian and she’s passionate about health and fitness. She’s always loved high energy classes and has a degree in nutrition. A few years ago she completed her Pilates and Booty Barre certification in La Jolla, California. She loves Pilates for the core work and enjoyed watching her body get stronger. Booty Barre was also great, but nothing compares to FlowLIFT because it rolled up all her favorite things into one – cardio, a challenging flow, motivating music and moves that increase your mental toughness.  It’s a workout that makes you connect with your body on all levels and leaves you feeling like a superwoman.  Kat’s spunky personality make her FlowLIFT classes so fun that you forget you’re working out.

Take a FlowLIFT class with Kat at Buddhi Yoga on Thursdays at 6:30am.