Lorena Martinez Garza


Monterrey, Mexico


Zona Residencial Chipinque



About Lorena Martínez Garza

Lore has always been passionate about health and fitness. She is a nutritionist and as a former dancer she started Pilates training since she was 15 years old and became a certified instructor. In the summer of 2018 she took her first FlowLIFT class and loved it. As a FlowLIFT instructor, she loves to teach a challenging class that is approachable for everyone. FlowLIFT helps you become aware of your body and gives you an intense and fun workout with a creative spin.

Come and enjoy this killer workout with me!

Take a FlowLIFT class with Lorena in Monterrey, Mexico.

Anatomy Studio

Tuesday 9:15am

Thursday 9:15am & 7:15am

Friday 8:15am

Atoms Studio
Monday 10am

Wednesday 9am

Wednesday 9am