FlowLIFT Trainee Page

Manual Class

Watch Carolina demonstrate each move and the transitions between moves so that you can teach the choreography seamlessly. Listen to the way Amanda describes how to execute different moves as well as her cues for transitions and alignment.  Use this class and the other online classes to complete your post-training requirements.  The manual class can be used in the final practice teaching exercise.

Cooldown Stretches

This video flows through a variety of seated and reclined stretches that are great to include at the end of a FlowLIFT class before final relaxation.  Use any of these poses to improvise at the end of class or teach a FlowLIFT+ class with an added 15 minutes of stretches at the end.

How to Cue After Training

Watch this short video on how to cue the 3 classes post training.  You can cue any of the classes currently on the website except for the manual class.  Cueing doesn’t involve talking in this exercise – It’s a written and demonstration exercise that will help you memorize the format of the class and its transitions.

How to Practice Teach

After you’ve cued it’s on to practice teaching another 3 classes.  You can practice teach using any of our current classes on the site or teach the manual class.  Video the third class and send it over to complete the certification.