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The price for membership is $18.00 per Month.

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UpLIFT Membership for Certified FlowLift instructors

Your education doesn’t end after the FlowLIFT training. As an UpLIFT Member, you’ll enjoy ongoing class support and tools to help you become the best instructor possible. For $18 per month, members receive access to two full length class videos, written class choreography, and links to music playlists on Spotify. Find out more about the perks of being an UpLIFT Member.

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FlowLIFT Monthly

The price for membership is $0.00 now and then $18.00 per Month after your 14 day trial.

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FlowLIFT Monthly Membership

Get the FlowLIFT monthly membership and tune in every week for a new 45 minute FlowLIFT class with Carolina or Amanda. Try our LiteLIFT class if you're a beginner or for more guidance. Try XpressLIFT for a 25 minute workout when you're on the go.

  • First 14 days free, first $18 charge will be on the 15th day from when you sign up.
  • $18/month
  • Cancel anytime on the account details page.  No refunds are processed for cancellations after a membership payment. Access to classes is terminated upon cancelation.
Membership Never Expires.