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We Want You to Be Ready for Summer



Summer is right around the corner, so we’ve dug up some of best moves for your core and booty. In FlowLift Yoga sculpt classes we’re constantly looking for combination moves that work the entire body without you even knowing it. Static isolation moves are a thing of the past; we’re all about maximizing our time and effort, so grab some 2.5 lb. ankle weights, roll out your mat, and get ready to spend a few minutes targeting the parts of your body that matter most in a bikini.

Crabby Plank Kicks Work the Core, Glutes, and Arms

Crabby Plank Kicks from on Vimeo.

This is one of those moves that has been on heavy rotation lately because of how dynamic and effective it is. Begin in a plank position and pulse your right leg up while engaging the core and squeezing the booty muscles. Take that same right leg and flip it over behind you landing on the foot and lifting the right hand, placing it on the floor behind you. The right foot and both hands will support you as you pulse the left leg up. Keep the leg engaged from the core all the way to the ball of the foot and try to pulse the leg up and towards the torso. Flip back over into plank and pulse the right leg again. Continue going back and forth from the first pose to the second for a total of 15 reps before moving on to the other side.

Tuck Crunches Set Your Abs on Fire

Tuck Crunches from on Vimeo.

Start seated and leaning back on the elbows with the right leg up straight and the left knee bent. Tuck both legs in towards the chest while keeping the right leg straight and the left knee bent. Press yourself off the elbows, lift the torso, and place the left foot on the ground. Take the left elbow and try to tap it to the right ankle. Lean back again to the starting position, tucking the legs towards the chest and going back to the twisting crunch off the elbows. Try to get 20-25 of these on each side in order for it to be effective. It’s important to do a lot of reps so you can target the various layers of the abdominal muscles.

Abs and Booty All in One Fun Combo Move

Boat Kick Backs from on Vimeo.

When we first discovered this move, we fell in love. The motion of balancing on the hips and then kicking back while leaning forward makes it fun to do and you’ll feel it working right away. Start seated, leaning back on the hands with legs up in the air crossing the right ankle over the left. Bend the knees and lean forward onto the right thigh, dip the chest down and swing the left leg behind you, extending it straight as if you were doing a back kick. Swing the leg forward again, lift the torso, lean back on the bands and float the legs up, crossing the right ankle over the left again. Go back to the left leg kicking back behind you and continue for 15 reps or more on each side.

Let us know what you think and practice often so you can get results!