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The Flow Lift Method, It Works


flow lift fitness method

FlowLIFT is the perfect recipe of cardio, strength and mobility training. There are so many workouts to choose from these days! Unless you’re an unlikely combination of unemployed, wealthy and single, there is no way you’re going to fit them all in. As busy moms and business owners who thrive on exercise, Carolina and I were looking to hit a whole flock of birds with one stone. We keep telling everyone how AWESOME it is, but how does FlowLift do what it does? And by that I mean, why does everyone who takes the class consistently look so damn fly?

The Ultimate Fat Burning Combo – Strength Training and Cardio

FlowLIFT uses hand and ankle weights through a variety of squats, lunges and fun combination moves. This strength training builds lean muscle which burns fat, even when the body is at rest. All of the movements in the class are strung together in a seamless flow that increases the heart rate and keeps it elevated throughout the class. Combining cardio with strength training burns fat more efficiently than when done by themselves.

No Plateaus in FlowLIFT

We rarely teach the same class twice and feel it’s incredibly important to constantly change things up. We draw inspiration from other yoga fitness styles and instructors and integrate what we learn into our FlowLIFT format. While the structure of the class is consistent, we are always adding new moves so that you build new muscles, break through plateaus and avoid repetitive stress injuries. If you are practicing often and feel the need to take it up a notch, use heavier ankle and/or hand weights for more resistance.

flow lift method

Unique Movements Strengthen the Entire Body

FlowLIFT avoids traditional moves in favor of unusual and intricate combinations of multi-planar exercises. The class requires a complex synergy of muscle engagement and joint motion that strengthen multiple muscle groups at once. Practically any exercise will tense your entire body to a degree, but FlowLIFT moves are effective at causing your entire body to stay tight. We target but also go deeper than the bigger muscles at the surface, (quadriceps, gluteus maximus, rectus abdominis), to strengthen stabilizer muscles such as the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, piriformis and deep core muscles. The abdominal muscles are used in a more stabilizing role and get stronger and more defined. Strong stabilizer muscles are essential for maximizing fitness results. All of this combined with smaller weights and an emphasis on repetition results in the leaner and more toned physiques we’re seeing in our FlowLift students.

FlowLIFT is a Mind-Body Experience

We have both been teaching Vinyasa yoga for over fifteen years. This has made us masterful at creative sequencing and smooth transitions. FlowLIFT incorporates movements that are completely different than yoga, but the creativity and seamlessness are still key in providing the best possible experience. The exercises require total concentration and the mind becomes very present. The high-energy music fuels the class and keeps everyone motivated until the very end. The combination of all these factors creates an experience that is engaging on all levels. There is no room for distraction from thoughts or the outside world. Get lost in the non-stop flow of the class and take a break from real life while getting into the best shape of your life. As I approach 40 this year, I look and feel better than I have in years. Age is just a number and with the magical combination of FlowLIFT and yoga, I’ve finally found the perfect recipe for looking and feeling my absolute best.