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Yoga Sculpt

FlowLIFT creators Carolina and Amanda have been teaching yoga since 2001.  When they were developing their version of yoga sculpt, they wanted to incorporate the best body sculpting yoga postures. They chose poses based on their ability to build strength while improving range of motion in the joints.  FlowLIFT moves are in a league of their own, however they couldn’t have come up with them without these fundamental yoga poses.  

The Best Five Yoga Sculpt Poses

  • Chair pose, or utkatasana.  Chair pose strengthens the quads, glutes, core, spine, and shoulders.  It teaches people how to balance the weight between the balls of the feet and the heels to minimize unsafe pressure on the knees.  Knowing this helps students to do squats safely during FlowLIFT.  
  • Lunge, or anjaneyasana.  Lunges build strength in the legs, glutes, pelvic floor and core.  They also increase range of motion in the hips, specifically hip extension.  Lunges simultaneously stretch and strengthen the entire body, creating long, lean lines.  In FlowLIFT, the addition of dumbbells and a variety of upper body moves increase the sculpting power of lunges.
  • Side plank, or vascistasana.  A well aligned and strong side plank employs practically the entire body.  The muscles in the arm, shoulder, obliques and legs all need to engage in order to say lifted, light and strong.  Even the toes should be active and lifted to support the pose.  FlowLIFT adds body sculpting variations such as star shape (the top leg lifting up at a 45 degree angle) and a dumbbell in the top hand.  
  • Warrior 3, or virabhadrasana 3.  Warrior 3 is hands down one of the toughest yoga poses in the FlowLIFT class.  Balancing on one leg activates all the muscles from the heel to the hip.  The core and back fire up to support our ability to balance.  With the addition of the ankle weight on the flying leg and dumbbells in the hands, warrior 3 might be one of the best body sculpting moves in the LIFT class.
  • Goddess pose, or Utkata Konasana.  Goddess pose is a wide legged squat with the feet turned out 45 – 90 degrees.  In the FlowLIFT class, we refer to goddess pose as a “sumo squat”  The beauty of this squat is that you strengthen and tone the legs and glutes while increasing external rotation in both hip joints.  Throw in some hand weights and our arm moves and you’ve got yourself sculpting perfection.

FlowLIFT moves change with each new class, however they are all based on specific foundational positions.  There are hundreds of yoga postures, however they are not all well-suited for the FlowLIFT class.  Carolina and Amanda were very intentional when they chose poses that were best for yoga sculpt.  

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