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Five Reasons You Need this Yoga Fitness Routine

FlowLIFT is magical in so many ways!   It incorporates several different types of movements and exercises  into one supreme workout.  One big influencer of FlowLIFT is yoga.  Yoga is amazing and the reasons to do it are endless.  However even the most challenging yoga class will not build muscle and burn fat the way FlowLIFT does.  Blending yoga with a fitness routine is very beneficial! Here are the top five reasons why:

Yoga Fitness
Get Strong Without Inhibiting Range of Motion

The movements in FlowLIFT are multi-planar, meaning the body moves through every plane of movement: coronal, sagittal and transverse.  There are many benefits to this, one of which is for the joints.  Each class incorporates every possible joint movement in the spine, hips, and shoulders.  You’ll also move through the full range of motion in the wrists and the ankles.  Focused movement through all planes of movement with active muscles and tons of blood flow equals improved range of motion in all the joints.

Build Lean, Functional Muscle with Yoga Fitness

The light ankle and hand weights really give our yoga fitness workout an edge.  The full body core movements are all repeated 10-15 times.  This repetition with the lighter weights (1-2.5 lb ankle weights and 3 lb dumbbells) creates long, lean functional muscles.  Doing workouts with heavier weights and moves that don’t promote functional movement because they don’t require the body to move as a unified whole.  The unifying motion that FlowLIFT utilizes makes “functional muscle.” This refers to strength that becomes inherent in everything that you do.  FlowLIFT will improve the way you walk, surf, play tennis, golf, etc.  And you’ll look damn good while you’re doing it with a lean and toned physique.

Yoga Fitness Burns Fat

Yoga by itself will not burn fat.  But add hand and ankle weights and move through full body moves at a pace that elevates the heart rate and you’ve got yourself a fat burning situation.   Cardio + weights = fat burning.  FlowLIFT founders Amanda and Carolina have worn a heart monitor many times during class and have found they can burn 400-500 calories in 45 minutes.  Their heart rates were elevated in the orange zone for sustained periods of time, improving cardiovascular fitness.  FlowLIFT turns you into a furnace.  The metabolism turns up for hours after the class which means you are still burning fat later on that day.

Improve the Mind Body Connection

Because FlowLIFT moves require total concentration to execute, there is no chance to let the mind wander.  They are all combination moves requiring the arms, legs, core and spine to move in ways you’ve probably never done before.  They are complicated and you have to pay attention to what you’re doing the entire time.  Even if you do FlowLIFT several times a week, the moves change so much that you have to completely focus throughout the entire class.  The body gets more agile and coordinated and the mind picks up how to execute the movements with more ease.  But no matter what you’ll always have to be fully present to stay with the pace of the class.  In a culture where distracting ourselves is ubiquitous, 45 minutes of total presence is incredibly healing. We’ve heard students say they find a more profound state of presence in a FlowLIFT class than when they meditate or do yoga.

Loosen Up in Every Way

FlowLIFT builds an incredible amount of heat in the body while you move through your full range of motion.  Your muscles lengthen while you activate them.  Most workouts make you tighter, but FlowLIFT will actually make you more flexible.  And even though it’s the hardest class you’ll ever do, we are all having such a blast in there!  Blaring our favorite uncensored hip hop and sweating with all of our friends helps us to loosen up in our body, mind and soul.  As moms with beautifully chaotic lives, we’re all just looking for a way to let it all go.  FlowLIFT is perfect for that.  If you don’t live near a place that teaches the class, then just sign up for our online classes.  You’ll feel like you’re right there with us!