FlowLIFT Challenge Week 5

flowlift challenge

Week Five – Killin’ It

This is it.  If you’ve been consistent, you’ve done the hardest part — committing and showing up.  It takes a lot of will power and dedication to make this happen, so pat yourself on the back or give yourself a big hug.  This is only the beginning.  This challenge aims to create new healthy habits so you can stay strong and healthy all year round. After this last week continue with your regimen of at least 2 and 2 : FlowLIFT twice a week and yoga twice a week.  It’s only four out of seven days every week and it’s completely doable.   You can even double up some days and shorter classes count, just get it done no matter what.  This is the maintenance you need for your body and mind to function at their optimum.

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