Certified FlowLIFT Teachers

Allie Dudash

Allie works to encourage those in her life to have an active, healthy lifestyle while emphasizing the importance of having a connection to nature and being mindful of our living planet. 

Britt Thomas

Britt hopes to help people obtain long-term wellness goals by connecting to the deepest layers of themselves through movement and awareness.

Jessica Laniado

Jessica fell in love with FlowLIFT from the very first class she took, as it had a drastic change on both her mental and physical state. In Jessica’s fitness journey, it took her a long time to find a workout she enjoyed and actually looked forward to.

Raquel Esses Cohen

Raquel teaches CardioMart, yoga and she recently fell in love with FlowLIFT after seeing the changes in both her body and mind.  She noticed more tone with long, lean muscle and a sharper mind. As a certified instructor she hopes to share the power of exercise with her students.

Heather Bare

Heather has been teaching yoga since 2017 and became certified in FlowLIFT in January 2020.
As a former aerobics instructor, she fell in love with the multi-planar movements that make FlowLIFT what it is.

Regina Cardenas

Regina hopes to expose many people to the benefits of FlowLIFT by teaching group and private classes in Monterrey, Mexico.