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La Jolla





About Natasha Oxe

I grew up on the north shore of Oahu where exercise and healthy living was the way of life. I have been taking yoga and fitness classes since early adolescence, where I quickly found that my mat was my safe place, whether it’s restorative on the beach or high-energy body toning. I am passionate about preventative health care and a firm believer in exercise and nutrition as medicine for the mind and body. Yoga has taught me a form of patience and strength within myself that I never knew existed. After taking the Yoga Sculpt training at Core Power, I found FlowLIFT at Buddhi Yoga. I fell in love with the class and am so excited to be teaching it. I have never looked or felt better and I want to share this newfound strength and confidence with others through my classes.

Take a FlowLIFT class with Natasha at Buddhi Yoga

  • Thursday 6:00-6:45pm
  • Saturday 12:30-1:15pm

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