Leah Rogitz


La Jolla



About Leah Rogitz

Eclectic playlists, weights, and sweat!  What are you waiting for? FlowLIFT has completely changed my body and has made me feel stronger and more aware in everything else I do.  As a yoga teacher, FlowLIFT has shown me new ways to connect with my core and increase my overall strength.  My vinyasa practice is at a whole new level and my teaching feels more inspired than ever.   I love being able to share my love for yoga in all of its unique forms.  The best thing about teaching this class is how much FUN we are having.  Come to my class if you want to laugh and let go of everything for the best 45 minutes of your day.  Let’s go for it!
Leah is RYT-200 certified, FlowLIFT certified and studying to become a dental hygienist.  She’s dealing out the toned abs as well as the pearly whites!

Stay tuned for classes with Leah in Phoenix, AZ