Diane Klotz





About Diane Klotz

Diane grew up playing sports: everything from summer backyard kickball and wiffleball to organized soccer and field hockey. In college it was step aerobics and then in graduate school she started running. After graduate school she explored the mind-body connection in exercise through Pilates, and pursued her Pilates teacher training and has been a certified Pilates instructor since 2002. To fulfill her desire to constantly change up her workout routine, she complemented her time at the Pilates studio with teaching body sculpt classes at a local gym. In 2010 while searching both for new challenges and new ways to manage stress from her full-time day job at a biomedical research institute, she explored various types of yoga and found her fit with vinyasa. Fast forward to 2018 when she took her first FlowLIFT class and immediately knew she wanted to learn more about it and signed up for the first certification she could fit into her schedule. Diane is excited to be able to bring everything she loves about exercise together in one class, and to share this amazing and fun workout with others. Don’t be surprised to see Pilates matwork-inspired exercises in her classes along with a little 70s disco music, because you can’t listen to disco and not want to move your body!

Take a FlowLIFT class with Diane in North County, San Diego soon.