FlowLIFT Press

Our co-founder Amanda McCarroll breaks it down with Tabitha Lipkin of Fox 5 San Diego.


We were featured on Inspired by This as one of the top 10 workouts to try this summer.

For those of us who like a variety of workout styles, FlowLIFT Fitness, which is influenced by yoga, Pilates, and weight training, is just the thing. Created by the founders of Buddhi Yoga, it is a new mat-based, music-driven strength training workout using light ankle and hand weights that leans and tones all over. It’s an online workout so it can be taken anywhere in the world at anytime and is also available at its home studio in La Jolla, Buddhi Yoga.


After experimenting with various ankle and hand weights — and making some of their earlier participants very sore in the process — Vivas and McCarroll “nailed the recipe” with lighter weights and nonstop yoga-style movements. Three years later, FlowLIFT is one of their most popular classes, with students both in-studio and online. Read the full article.