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FlowLIFT Fitness is the new mat-based, music-driven strength training workout using light ankle and hand weights. Flawless and dynamic moves challenge the body and engage the mind like never before.  The result is a sweaty and addictive workout that builds a long, lean and functional physique. 

Developed by two yoga / body experts, Carolina Vivas and Amanda McCarroll, FlowLIFT is derived from influences of yoga, Pilates and weight training paired with the ever-evolving lifestyle of the San Diego active.

FlowLIFT’s burgeoning cult following swears by the 45-minute workouts released weekly right here on FlowLiftFitness.com. Hooked on the in-studio-style experience in the comfort of their own space, the high-intensity sweat sessions result in improved balance, core strength and mental sharpness.  While the structure of the class is consistent, the moves are always changing so students don’t plateau and see immediate changes in their bodies.  The pace of the class is up to each student, but everyone is encouraged to keep moving for the entire 45 minutes to improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness.  The mind always gives up sooner than the body needs to, so this notion of perseverance strengthens not just the physical body, but also increases what many athletes refer to as “mental toughness.”  This gradual and inevitable development of power on all levels is what makes FlowLIFT much more than just another new fitness trend.  Try us online with the first two weeks free and if you love it as much as we do sign up for a one-day certification so you can bring this perfect workout to your hometown.  

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$18/month | First two weeks free!