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body sculpting class certification
Body Sculpting Class Certification La Jolla

What You Can Do To Build Strength and Increase Stamina Our next body sculpting class certification is on July 25th in La Jolla, California with master trainers Magdalena Patterson and Lori Lin.  Join us in person or Skype in for the one-day training.  We’ve had students join us virtually from all over the world to […]

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Yoga Sculpt Sequence
Yoga Sculpt Sequence For a Hot Body

The FlowLIFT yoga sculpt sequence is made up of five different types of moves.  They are sequenced in a very specific way to attain certain goals.  Every move requires full body integration that arises from the core muscles in the trunk.  Students are brought to their edge through the perfect amount of reps.  Just when […]

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Yoga Sculpt Class
Our Yoga Sculpt Class is the Magic Pill

If exercise were a pharmaceutical, it would be the most sought after medication in the world.  Exercising several times per week has proven to prevent the chronic illnesses that Americans are most at risk for.  These include heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. A consistent physical fitness regimen can also […]

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