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Yoga Sculpt Class
Just Add Yoga

So you just finished the FlowLIFT challenge.  Congratulations!  You probably feel stronger, leaner, and are flowing through moves that you never thought you could do.  FlowLIFT is not just another yoga sculpt class.  It truly has the power to change your relationship to exercise.  A new student at our studio the other day said, “wow that […]

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yoga workout online
3 Ways to Improve Your Yoga Workout Online

Get Ready to Move Like a Pro FlowLIFT is a low impact, high energy class that gets you cardio and strength training with the added benefit of giving your mind a workout too.  It’s the perfect class for toning up, leaning out and feeling your best.  The mental and physical benefits are many, but you’ll […]

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The Perfect Soup
The Perfect Soup For A Healthy Detox

Welcome to week three of the FlowLIFT Challenge! We know you are feeling the effects after three classes per week for two weeks – stronger, leaner, and a little (or a lot) sore.  You might also feel hungrier then you usually do because FlowLIFT turns you into a fat burning machine.  Your metabolism may be […]

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