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Can You Lose Weight With Yoga Sculpt
Can You Lose Weight with Yoga Sculpt?

Can you lose weight with yoga sculpt classes?  FlowLIFT was inspired by the growing popularity of yoga sculpt.  Add weights to yoga and make it a workout?  Sure we thought, let’s try it.  One thing we found right away is that once you make something a workout class, it’s not yoga anymore.  Yoga is a […]

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Yoga Workout
3 Reasons Why Your Yoga Workout is Too Easy

When you think of the word stress, immediately we think of something that needs to be avoided and relieved.  However this is not always the case.  If you really want your yoga workout to be effective, putting stress on the body is key.  What exactly does this mean?  Ask yourself one simple question.  When you roll […]

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body sculpting class certification
Body Sculpting Class Certification La Jolla

What You Can Do To Build Strength and Increase Stamina Our next body sculpting class certification is on July 25th in La Jolla, California with master trainers Magdalena Patterson and Lori Lin.  Join us in person or Skype in for the one-day training.  We’ve had students join us virtually from all over the world to […]

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