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Yoga With Weights
Essential Steps to Mastering Yoga with Weights

Yoga with weights is one of the best workouts you can do for your health. FlowLIFT is one of the most effective yoga with weights class you’ll ever find for online classes. You can skip all your other workouts once your discover LIFT because it’s everything you need all rolled up into one awesome class. […]

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fusion yoga
3 Fusion Yoga Videos You Have to Watch

Some of you might be familiar with yoga, pilates or workout routines that you do in a gym, but a class where all three modalities are all blended together is hard to find.  Finding the right balance between all three and making it flow seamlessly was not easy.   FlowLIFT was developed over the course […]

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Fusion Yoga
How Much Do You Really Know About Fusion Yoga?

Fusion yoga is a hot new style of fitness, but what exactly is it? We’re here to demystify fusion yoga so that you understand why it’s worth integrating into your weekly routine. FlowLIFT is a style of fusion yoga that is quickly growing in popularity because of the amazing results. Here is why you don’t […]

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