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fusion yoga
5 Ways to Become a Fusion Yoga Pro

Fusion yoga has been hitting the studios hard over the last couple of years and you’ll find many versions of it depending on where you live.  The idea is to mix yoga poses with resistance training, often incorporating dumbbells and plyometric moves.  It’s not easy to get the perfect balance of both, but we believe […]

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Yoga Sculpt
Yoga Sculpt To Ease Low Back Pain

Most Americans will experience lower back pain during their lives. Whether it’s chronic or just an acute brush with it, our lumbar spine is going to ache at one point in time. A weak core and tightness in the hips and spine are often prime suspects in causing low back discomfort. A regular yoga sculpt […]

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Yoga with Weights
Yoga with Weights For All Levels

The most common compliment we get about our yoga with weights class, FlowLIFT, is that it replaces a variety of workouts with just one perfect class. People that were running, doing strength training and pilates are able to ditch all three and just do FlowLIFT to get everything they need. However the biggest complaint we […]

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