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Yoga Sculpt Workout
5 Yoga Sculpt Workout Moves For Toned Arms

FlowLIFT is a yoga sculpt workout that tones the entire body at once.  When people say, I want a stronger and bigger booty!”  We say “try FlowLIFT.”  Or  “I need to strengthen my core,” we say “FlowLIFT does that.”  We also often hear “I don’t like my arms, do you know any exercises to tone […]

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Tags: biceps, flowlift moves, full body workout, toned arms, triceps, upper body strength,
Yoga Strength Workout
3 Yoga Strength Workout Moves For A Strong Core

A strong core is important for many reasons. The core stabilizes your body, allowing you to move in any direction as well as having proper balance.  A strong core is a key player in improving and maintaining good posture.  It also supports the spine and prevents back pain.  By now most people know that a healthy […]

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Tags: core strength, full body strength, healthy spine, yoga strength workout,
Yoga Sculpt with Weights
Our Full Body Workout is Superior to the Rest

FlowLIFT was inspired by the yoga sculpt with weights craze that has taken the exercise world by storm.  There are many different incarnations of this new workout style.  FlowLIFT is unique because of our use of ankle weights and our highly effective full body moves.  This 45 minute workout is a full body class every […]

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Tags: cardio, compound exercises, full body exercises, functional strength, strength training, yoga sculpt with weights,
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