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Yoga and Weight Training
Yoga and Weight Training For Women Over 40

Getting older brings all sorts of revelations, both good and well, let’s say…disruptive. However, turning 40 isn’t what it used to be. The old saying “over the hill” no longer applies. These days, women in their 40’s and 50’s can reach supreme levels of physical fitness that shaves years off their life. There is a […]

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yoga body sculpt
Ready, Set, Yoga Body Sculpt!

FlowLIFT sets itself apart from other sculpt classes by using light ankle and hand weights while moving through a series of combinations that target your whole body all at once.  The mix of yoga body sculpt sequences will leave you feeling strong, stretched out and with a sense of euphoria unlike any other class.  Try […]

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Yoga Sculpt Class
The Best Yoga Sculpt Class Booty Lifting Moves

A strong backside has more benefits than just looking good in a bikini.  Developing strength in the gluteal muscles increases range of motion in the hips and contributes to a stronger core.  They also improve posture and spine health because they play a key role in your body’s stabilization system.   FlowLIFT is superior to […]

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